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Ghost Advisor .Com will soon be a national registry for ghost tours and listings of  haunted locations throughout the United States. For those of you that live at a location that might be haunted and whom are seeking professional investigators, we will soon have a full national directory for that as well. We aim to build the largest ghost tour/hunting directory on the internet. Whether your company offers ghost tours or if you are a paranormal investigation team seeking to be listed with us (free) contact us, we’d love to list you here. We will soon have a contact form but until then feel free to email us.

We also aim to keep records of paranormal activity in the United States to archive for public research.  If you have had an encounter we encourage you to contact us. We will accept photos, audio, video, and written statements that will help back up your claim. This will help us accomplish the goal of keeping a record of haunted cases in America. Much like MUFON keeps a registry for UFO sightings, we intend to try to keep up with haunted case files. If you wish to remain anonymous, we can arrange that as well.

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~ William C. Raustler

Founder of Beyond the Circle & Ghost Advisor



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